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join me on to share the documents on progress of China

posted Oct 11, 2008, 10:42 PM by Benz rad
i got know the service via my google reader feeds. i first was attracted by an ebook on the site shared by its user. i wanted to download it but that requires a membership. i thought people in the future will spend more time reading online, so i think a membership with the service would be greatly helpful. so i launched to register. i found the groups at once on it. after finding creating group quite easy on it, i created all my family frequent namespace. the logo for group needn't resize or crop, unlike quite some poor service, which let me very glad. now i have my online document store. hope i can build a well full cabinet of my archives, and share with the people that support.
list below are my loot.
 Scribd group - be21zh                    
  Scribd group - beinzh                    
  Scribd group - benzyrnill                  
  Scribd group - China Democracy                  
  Scribd group - emake                     
  Scribd group - faezrland                  
  Scribd group - oneizh                    
  Scribd group - zhudajiu                  
  Scribd group - warrantzh                  
  Scribd group - warranzh                  
  Scribd group - warwinzh                  
  Scribd group - wardzh                   
  Scribd group - emagarten

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