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once and forever zhudajiu villagers, u have more places to hang around

posted Aug 25, 2008, 1:37 AM by Benz rad
last saturday i haunted my google group, zhudajiu, and found it unlike my other groups have synchronic sites, and felt the need to build more cyberspace places to receive offspring of the old village, zhudajiu, where i asserted whose ancestor is the Emperor of Ming Dynasty. so i launched. first place i found can offer a group activites without sharing a same logon confidential was flickr web album. so i created it. that's the work of sunday. in the late night after uploading my baby recent video to youtube, i got the idea that i should claim a account with google, to acquire its bundle free services. this monday morning i launched. the id, zhudajiu was occupied and i had to gave up first time. then i thought its English naming, dajiuzhu, which is available, is acceptable. so i at once registered the user id. but wrongly i first registered dajiuzh, so i claimed 2 id in a bundle. then with youtube, i created a group in title zhudajiu, again the title misleading to zhdajiu. i again took the second offering as God's gift. when i attempted to upload the group logo in video format, several uploads can't be proceeded by youtube, even i tried several warez to assure its format popular. after ten or more attempts failed, i concluded that dog in China surveillance must hacking into my upload stream and let the file on destiny wrong and can't be recognized by youtube engine. so i quit.
now u, all offspring of zhudajiu, the glory bond prince, u have now more place to gather and express. hope u haunt these place more frequent.
youtube group zhdajiu朱大九走向世界
youtube group zhudajiu朱大九---龙泉之眼
flickr group album zhudajiu朱大九---龙泉之眼
i also added the links to google group, zhudajiu朱大九---龙泉之眼, visit it and u have a way to access all the pubs.